Recently we received yet another review in the Planet.TT Magazine, you will find it on page 56. In the meantime we are continuing to work on new material for the upcoming CD, so stay tuned.


Our service provider had some technical difficulties and our homepage has been down for a couple of days. Everything should be back to normal now, let's hope it stays that way.


As always things take longer than expected, but we do continue to move towards completing the new album. We finished writing yet another new song and two more are soon to be ready. Our goal is to have at least six songs on the new CD and we will try to release it this year.


We received two more reviews of the "The Second Campaign" album, one from Nocturnal Hall, it's available in German and in English. And another one from Earshot which you can find here. Have fun.


It's been silent for quite a while here, basically we did not manage to do any gigs before the summer break and then everyone left for holidays (in random order). This however, does not mean that things have not been progressing: we have almost finished yet another song and we do have one more song in the pipeline. Our goal is to have at least 5-6 songs for the next album, which also means that a new release is not to be expected before the end of 2017.


I realized that I did not update the news for a while, but that does not mean that we have been idle. Actually we are rehearsing in preparation of some gigs and we finalized the song that we have been working on lately. So we have a total of two finished songs for the upcoming album and there will be more, stay tuned.


We got yet another review of our new album, this time in the German print magazine "Legacy". It's in issue #100 which is scheduled for January 2016, you will find the review on page 141. So make sure to check it out if you happen to buy the magazine.


Today we received a review of the "The Second Campaign" album in an Austrian metal webzine "Metalunderground". If you understand German, you can read the review here.


This Friday we had the first session in several years where the whole band was present, it was the first time with Markus after his return and I used the opportunity to update the band photo. We are currently preparing for some gigs in spring and things are definitely moving forward.


Yesterday the radio show "House Of Pain" on the Austrian station FM4 played one of our songs again.

Actually, after the funny incident two weeks ago we sent them two more CDs for giveaway and asked them to correct the "Betepah" mistake from the other show. Lucky for us they decided not only to explain the band name, but they also played the track "Illusion Of Freedom" which you can also listen to in the "Discography" section.

The broadcast will be online for the next 7 days, you can listen to it online here: "FM4 House Of Pain". Our song starts at the marker of 11:35 PM and the explanation regarding the band name is right after that. So, thanks to the guys for making it right!

Screenshot of the "House Of Pain" playlist from the 02.12.2015


Some time ago I was hinting that there is an interesting development regarding the lead guitarist position. Today it's time to reveal the news: Markus Keller has rejoined the band!

That means that we are now finally complete. One of our goals for the next year is to play some local gigs in Slovakia and Austria and of course we are also working on a new album, so stay tuned for more.


This Wednesday the Austrian radio station FM4 played one of our songs during their weekly "House Of Pain" broadcast. They picked "Illusion Of Freedom" and you can check out the recording of the show on their web page: FM4 "House Of Pain", it will be available there for about 7 days. "Unfortunately they messed up the band introduction (or maybe they just worship this old ancient god) - they introduced us as "Betepah" :) It actually sounded much worse given the German accent, but we're not really mad about it.

So everyone, remember: it's "Veteran" or "Ветеран" in the Cyrillic version and it is pronounced the same in Russian, English, German and probably a bunch of other languages. Below is a screenshot from the "House Of Pain" playlist of how it should *NOT* be written :)

Screenshot of the "House Of Pain" playlist from the 18.11.2015


Yesterday we had a great session with our new bass guitarist, things are definitely moving forwards. I also updated the band photo on the members page, check it out.

In the meantime we sent out a few promo CDs to various metal magazines, let's see how they like us. Not that I would care too much though, since we have no commercial ambitions we simply play what we like ourselves. It has always been and it will always be this way.


Last friday we finally had a session with the bass guitarist whom I mentioned earlier. It went really well and we are happy to welcome Pavol Stanko as a member of ВЕТЕРАН!

There also has been a somewhat unexpected and interesting development on the lead guitar part, but I won't reveal anything yet... at least not until I see it for myself :)


Today we finally received hardcopies of our CD, take a look:

Photo of "The Second Campaign" CD and envelope

We do not really intend to sell them since all our music is available online for free anyway, we ordered them mostly for promo purposes for magazines and as a giveaway to friends. However, if you really want to buy one for your collection just drop us a mail and we can surely figure something out.


We still did not get out of the "summer break", but we scheduled a session for the second half of september. In the meantime I have to finish lyrics for the new song that we have been working on before the summer, it's a fast one.

A while ago I posted the whole album as a torrent, so those of you who do not wish to download single mp3 files can download the torrent file here and get the whole album at once.


I finally found some time to dive into HTML5 a bit more. I added the lyrics for all albums, so if you are interested in what I am growling you can now read along while the song is playing in the background in your browser. Have fun!


I'm back from my holidays, but Andi is still on vacation. We will however resume the action soon - a tryout session with the bass guitar guy will happen early september, I'm already curious how it will be.

I also noticed that since we got listed on a few metal sites the album has spread a little, people are sharing it which we think is a good thing. I added some contact information, so that you guys can tell us how much we rock or suck. ,-)


The last track completes the release of "The Second Campaign" album, it's called "Память (Memory)". We hope you liked the new album, stay tuned!


We're releasing yet another song from the "The Second Campaign" album today: Another Day" - check it out!

Apart from that - it's holiday season so not much is going on, however we found a bass guitar player who might be interested in joining us, we'll have a couple of jam sessions with him once I return from my holidays and we will see how it goes, it will then also be the time to start a search for a lead guitar player.


Today we released the third track from "The Second Campaign" album: "No Fate". The song encourages you to believe in yourself and take matters into your own hands - "there is no such thing as fate".


The next track from the new album, which is called "No Fate", will be released on the first of June, in the meantime we continue to work on new material.

We more or less finished one new song including lyrics, maybe there will be some minor fine tuning here and there, but basically it's done. We started writing yet another new song and are about half way through, if we can keep this pace we might be able to have enough tracks for a new album by the end of the year. Target would be to do a recording early 2016.

We also have to think about completing the line up, right now it's only Andreas on the drums and me on rhythm guitar/vocals, so we will start to search for new members soon.


As promised today we released the second track from our new album, the song is called "Illusion Of Freedom". It may be interesting to note, that I wrote the original draft of the lyrics about 18 years ago, but we somehow never worked out the riffs - until now. The song tells a story about politics and society and it makes me sad to realize that the lyrics which I wrote back then are still more relevant then ever. I'll add the lyrics later on, will have to tune the discography page first.


We set the release date for the second track of the new album, the song is called "Illusion Of Freedom" and will be released on the first of May. Make sure to drop by and tune in!


Today the discography section went online, we revealed the names of the remaining tracks of the new album and we also added our earlier releases.


The band name was found, the logo was created - now it's time for the homepage. The page is by no means complete and you can expect a lot of changes in the days to come.

As far as "The Second Campaign" album is concerned we plan to release a new song from the album each 1-2 months to keep things more exciting for you. For now you can listen to the first released track from the new album: "Disassembler"

We're also quite active and are working on new material, but I won't reveal too many details just yet.